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So, why is IT Milton Keynes free to use and how do you make your money?

Great question – and it’s a topic to discuss which will help you both understand our purpose and perhaps even be persuaded to support us ongoing.

So, if you’re new – IT Milton Keynes is one of the best free IT resources online for small businesses in MK.

Our mission

As a small business in this current technological landscape it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the pros and cons of different computer-based solutions out there.

Every day there are new products and services that are software or IT hardware based that offer some advantage.

But how should you go about making the best investment decision for your business?

This is the heart of IT Milton Keynes, and exactly why we started the project.

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Why free?

When you’re weighing up how to solve a business problem, things become slowed down and sluggish and frustrating.

The last thing anybody wants to do during such a challenge is make hasty or unadvised decisions that cost you money.

Our resources and articles are produced with a rescue mission in mind.

To get you out of the rut ASAP.

We aim with every piece to:

  • quickly resonate with the issue you face,
  • give you professional insight into how best to approach the problem and why
  • offer up some recommended solutions to the problem
  • save you time and money on making costly mistakes

However, this commitment to maintain an output of useful, cost-saving, decision enabling content does come at a real material cost to us.

100’s of hours of research, writing and publishing soon adds up.

And to run a sustainable online resource like this, it is only feasible that we make an income from running it.

How we are funded

Here are 2 ways we earn from running IT Milton Keynes:

Introducer fees from quote requests

Over the years we’ve taken the time to work closely with professional service providers in the field who are accomplished at adding value – especially, of course, in the IT field.

When you request some price quotes for specific services, we connect you with the most relevant experts for getting the best job done, at the right price.

We earn introducer fees for every request made, but we only recommend providers that be believe will add the best value for money to our readers.

We screen and vet our chosen vendors and follow up beyond the referral to track outcome. We recommend providers based on our own independent consideration. We do not accept money or benefits-in-kind of any sort for positive reviews.

This monetization method is other wise known as lead generation. Major brands like Sage, WorldPay (FIS Global) etc. and online marketplaces offer such programs. Many of the most recognisable IT sites, vendors and leading providers use referral marketing to stay afloat.

Our referral fees

We earn referral fees if you buy products or services from providers that we link to on this site.

You don’t pay any more and in some cases you actually pay less from buy with one of our links.

How does it work?

When you click on one of our recommended product links, marked with an (*), your computer browser is tagged with a cookie to track the journey. This way if you buy a product we recommended, then the provider knows to pay us for the referral.

How much do we get paid?

It’s typically a flat percentage per sale. So, for example if you bought a Microsoft 365 Business Standard package, we might earn $15.

Do you see my personal details?

No. The cookies used provide a completely anonymous method of tracking online sales. We don’t see any information of yours.

How can you help us?

It takes considerable investment to maintain the publication of quality business content. We pay writers, web developers and marketers in order to produce and maintain the site.

For this – we need your help. Here are some ways to support our work on this site:

  • Request a price comparison for IT services via one of our web forms
  • If you are considering making an investment to buy a product, then please buy it using one of our links from this site
  • If you’re using a product that we’ve recommended in our site, then share your experiences in the comments
  • Share our content with anyone you know who might benefit from our IT advice and recommendations

Why you should help us

There are so many IT company websites out there that sell their products and packages, but very few that genuinely add value and guide you to the best value decision.

We feel quality IT consultancy always starts for FREE. And so it should. Many IT companies charge you for their expertise upfront. Whilst this gives them the advantage of locking you in before serving you, we want to share our expertise liberally. Without the fear of losing out.

This is why this site was set-up.

If you’ve found IT Milton Keynes to be useful, then I ask that you support our efforts to maintain and grow this free IT business resource to help businesses like your in MK do more with IT.

Thank you for your support.


Tayo Abayo

Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. If you click on some recommended product links and buy, we may earn a commission. This helps keep the site free for all. See how we are funded, why this is important, and how our readers, like you, support us.

About the Editorial Staff

Our Editorial Staff is a dedicated team of business technology experts led by Tayo Abayo. Our journey serving small business owners with tech advanced tips and advice began as consultants in 2010. This new site, a fruit of our careers, is fast becoming one of the best free IT resource sites for the city.