HiHi Phones: HiHi3 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Want to know more about the HiHi phone system? This ultimate business buyer’s guide is just for you.

In this article, we’ll introduce the latest HiHi phones, share the unique technical benefits, highlight who’s behind it, describe what type of business HiHi suits the most and open up on pricing.

With all discussed in this guide, we hope you’ll decide with confidence if the innovative HiHi phone system is the best choice for your business.


What is the HiHi phone system?

HiHi3 Desk Phone

HiHi Logo

HiHi3 is currently the most innovative, next-generation video collaboration business phone device complete with its own fully integrated suite of communications apps. It’s the most seamless business phone experience, either in or out of the office!

HiHi3’s intuitive engineering seamlessly integrates your desk phone (with detachable tablet) and mobile docking cradle, blurring the lines of possibility through a futuristic hardware interface.

The HiHi phone system is purpose-built for delivering a superior unified communications business journey, blending perfectly into the traditional office environment, or equally supporting remote working.

“So, say ‘bye, bye’ to your old business phone with the new HiHi.”

Video introduction


About HiHi?

HiHi Limited is a UK registered company with one mission in mind:4Com Headquarters

To redefine the possibilities of the business phone.

Crafted in line with in-depth user feedback, the innovative engineering of the HiHi desk phone delivers truly unique business communications.

HiHi is very much the business desk phone re-imagined.

Not only does it make advances on the essential business phone features common to many users, but HiHi also adds new technical capabilities that are surprising to most.

When was HiHi launched?

The HiHi1 flagship product, made its grand entrance on the UK market in 2015 (designed, developed, manufactured and supported in the UK – a truly British business tech landmark solution for SMEs).

Its success was guided expertly by the hand of trusted platinum reseller, 4com, who augmented their existing VoIP offerings with the addition of this trendsetting phone system.

With a favourable reception from the market and growing demand in the wings, HiHi redeveloped their offering to refine and confirm its positioning as the most outright, future-proof business phone on offer.

Enter HiHi2.

The improvements on version one were notably:HiHi Phone Detachable Tablet Screen

  • upgraded operating system
  • quicker processor
  • detachable tablet for remote working ease
  • Google Certification

…making the new offering totally finger-tap-mobile-app-tastic.

And speaking of apps, alongside the release of the HiHi2 phone, the company also developed and launched:

  • HiHi Connect
  • HiHi There

Two mobile apps that further the performance possibilities of the phone as a unified communications platform, bringing contacts management and video calling closer together than ever before.

Can the HiHi or HiHi3 phone be used for remote working (working from home WFH)?

HiHi phones are the perfect match for a remote working business phone.

And the company has countless customer testimonials that agree with it being the ideal solution for taking work communications home, or on the road without hitch.

Here’s an example of a remote working insurance salesman who takes his business on the road (quite literally in a campervan!) and never misses a business beat, thanks to HiHi, just like he never left the office:

HiHi during the pandemic

One of the biggest trials to the modern workplace in recent years proved to be the boon of the HiHi product.

With office workers being forced to telecommute during the social distancing mandates of the pandemic, the way opened up for a business phone solution that afforded better flexibility and integration for remote working.

This is where the benefits of HiHi were best felt and its seamless communications experience capitalised on by user organisations.

In all such cases, the resounding feedback was that with HiHi, workers from home were just as connected and professionally engaged as when sat side-by-side in the office.

HiHi literally kept businesses connected without any difference being felt during the toughest times.

What are HiHi phones?

When we say ‘HiHi phones’ in 2023, we are really talking about the HiHi3. This is the latest version and the only model sold by the company.

HiHi phones have 6 main strengths:hihi remote working

  1. built-in video calling whether between HiHi users or not
  2. easy to use interface granting the advanced benefits of a unified communication solution
  3. transform any location into a fully functioning modern, business office
  4. bring all your business contacts together into one convenient list
  5. Google apps drop in as easily as onto an Android phone
  6. use the in-built CRM to stay on top of the customer dialogue

1. Video calling

The HiHi desk phone is a native video calling platform. It doesn’t reach for video, it’s a natural with it.

With it’s own video calling system, integrated with the HiHi Connect phone app – you can easily connect with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, face-to-face from anywhere.

2. Intuitive interface

Leaning heavily on Android smart phone workflows, using the HiHi desk phone is designed and made to feel like you’ve used it before.

The settings are easy to find and configure making it a joy for how easy your business phone administration becomes.

3. Hybrid working

By a detachable tablet, the HiHi desk phone can literally be taken anywhere, making it the ideal hydrid working companion.

With a docking station that transforms your tablet back into a video calling desk phone, you’re never really away from your desk – whilst also being anywhere – all at the same time.

4. Contacts management

The HiHi phone itself stores 500 contacts locally on the machine.

But where the solution offers far more flexibility is in its integration with your Microsoft Outlook or Google communications apps, bringing all your business contacts together into one convenient place.

Further still, HiHi phones throughout the office can all share a universal contacts database, meaning users can access one another’s call lists (permission controlled) enabling agile business correspondence across teams.

5. Google Certification

The Google Play Store sits on the device and as easily as on an Android phone, or iPhone, you can call up and operate apps on HiHi just like with your mobile.

Download Microsoft Teams, access email and schedule meetings in your calendar with ease built-in.

6. HiHi Vision (Customer Relationship Management)

The HiHi desk phone has customer relationship management integrated as standard.HiHi Vision

This saves the need for hunting around for the most compatible CRM solution to talk with your phone. You simply, plug-in and perform with the HiHi3, from the moment you install the phone.

Caller ID with CRM notes on incoming

Respond predictably to incoming calls knowing exactly who is calling, what they usually need and who within your team they typically speak to.

Click to call

All phone numbers displayed within the HiHi phone system are instantly clickable, making initiating calls very intuitive with no time lost.

Call logging

Never miss a customer call, but always stay on top of the latest thread in your conversation with them. Call logging is also great for account auditing and seamless, collaborative follow-up within multi-person teams.

HiHi phone features

You might be asking what features does the HiHi phone have? Here’s a quick outline:


HiHi business phone keeps your customers fruitfully engaged with either on-hold messages, music or promotions.

Retain the attention of your phone callers and give them expectations of where they are in the queue and how long it might take (during busy times, especially) for an agent to serve them.

Call reporting

Set up periodic missed call reports to be sent to you automatically, this way prompting you to proactively pick up any loose ends.

Call activity reporting also helps supervisors monitor team performance, all dashboarded for easy viewing.

Reports can also be pulled to give insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, informing your team of where marketing budgets are generating the best return.

Call recording

HiHi call recording is a great coaching and training tool for staff reflective exercises.

Playback real-life phone calls to staff and much like pro-sports players, pinpoint team strengths and weaknesses for building custom training programmes to take your performance to the next level.

Also, keep an audit trail of client conversations as proof of agreement and verbal contract.

HiHi Discover

Make your business more visible via online business directories using HiHi Discover.

The utility distributes your accurate business listing details to the most prevalent online directory services, including market-leading Google Maps.

Who is the HiHi phone for?

HiHi business was designed and built with businesses of all kinds in mind.


Versatile to meet the demand of the modern solopreneur or micro business owner.

Seamlessly merging the desk phone, with a tablet and your mobile phone – the HiHi system is flexible and a match for even the most demanding (and mobile) small business owner.

Case Study Video Testimonial: Watch the HiHi phone being used to sell luxury jewellery via video contact by a prestigious (yet small) jewellery store in Winchester

Medium Sized

With over 50 smart 3rd-party CRM integrations, plus a variety of empowering management features, HiHi is equipped to be a match for any medium-sized business.

Case Study Video Testimonial: Watch the HiHi phone used to great success in a medium-sized import business Davies Worldwide


Ideal for multi-premises, distributed 4 and field workers, HiHi phones networked together make for a formidable business communications solution for the forward-thinking enterprise business.

Case Study Video Testimonial: Watch the 4Com team showcase their own product within their premium commercial office facility, showing us exactly how large teams also can set broader business horizons with HiHi

What can you use the HiHi phone for?

HiHi solves a multitude of modern business communications problems.

Remote working

HiHi phones defy the definition of a traditional business desk phone.

No longer are your business communications anchored into a physical location. But now, you can make and take business calls from anywhere as easy as actually being in your office.

This makes HiHi the perfect remote working phone solution for SMEs in the UK.

Call centre management

HiHi phones come with all the expected call workflow management features, making the solution a worthy business phone challenger for call centres.

Here are a few examples of call centre features:

  • Call distribution
  • Call queuing
  • Messages
  • Overflow
  • Silent monitoring

All the above capabilities and more are available with HiHi.

Business telephone database integration

Have your entire customer list accessible to your HiHi phone system and manage call activity all within the system:

  • Call preview
  • Contact popping (expanding notes on pop-up ID message on incoming calls)
  • Presence (discover who within your network is available easily and quickly)
  • Click to dial
  • Activity logging
  • Call controls

Remote customer service

The HiHi desk phone enables true omnichannel unified business communication.

A purpose-built collaborative platform for stringing together your customer service efforts behind the scenes. Remote-first companies with distributed teams will really enjoy receiving the telecommuting benefits of the HiHi phone.

Cloud phone

If you want to migrate your business phone system to the cloud and future-proof your communications, then HiHi phones are a great investment.

Operating via the use of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), HiHi brings all the modern benefits of internet phone technology coupled with arguably the most flexible hardware set-up on the market.

Call analytics

Get smarter with your phone communications strategy by using HiHi call analytics features.

Gain valuable practical insights from your call logs, recordings and stats by which to improve service delivery, sales and account management.

Call management

Map out your customer call journey and introduce solutions within your call management to iron out bottlenecks and smooth out speed bumps.

How much does the HiHi phone cost?

HiHi desk phones can be purchased via contract from platinum resellers. The cost of hardware and VoIP subscription services will depend on the service package bought and the corresponding fees are paid monthly.

If you are currently in a business phone system contract with another provider and would like to swap the current system for HiHi, it is possible in some cases to take your contract over to HiHi affordably.

Platinum resellers of the HiHi business phone system benefit from advantageous rates on calls and pass on the benefit in HiHi pricing.

All in, compared with mid-range VoIP or IP PBX, the HiHi business phone system works out competitively priced. Yet it offers uniquely positioned investment returns for businesses wanting to do more with their communications.

HiHi phones: FAQs

Is HiHi a Chinese company?

No. HiHi is a UK-registered company with offices at: One Lansdowne Plaza, 24 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 3NE England, UK. All HiHi products are also manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Can I use HiHi at home?

Yes. HiHi is the ideal work-from-home business phone. It combines…

  • unified communications
  • intuitive Android-like user interface
  • detachable tablet for mobility

…for the most liberating and yet seamless remote working business phone experience.

Is HiHi a VoIP phone?

Yes. HiHi phones use voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) to connect phone calls.

This makes HiHi fully loaded with all of the latest technological capabilities and comparability of competitive VoIP phones in today’s market.

What is the point of HiHi?

The key benefit of the HiHi phone is that it makes it possible to enjoy a seamless business desk phone experience from anywhere, at all times.

Earning a great reputation during the pandemic when staff of business customers were remotely working with ease, the HiHi has proven to be the perfect tech stack for connecting a distributed workforce.

Where are HiHi phones manufactured?

HiHi phones are both manufactured and assembled in the UK. A panel of specialist parts manufacturers are involved in the process of making the phone.

For example, Hilltop Engineering (a specialist metal pressings fabricator based in the West Midlands), produced the high-pressure aluminium castings that make up the body of the phone casing embossed with the HiHi logo.

Does HiHi record calls?

Yes. You can record phone calls with the HiHi phone. The phone then stores an itemised call record list, available to be accessed anywhere via an online portal.

Get a quote for the HiHi business phone

Find out today if the HiHi business phone will be a feasible investment for your business. Compare it’s pricing against other VoIP phone solutions and prepare your team for taking your communications onwards and upwards with HiHi.

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