6 Best SEO Companies For Hire In Milton Keynes (2023)

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An SEO company using the latest tools and techniques has the skills to tweak your business website, making it a solid match for being found online by searching customers.

In this guide, we’ll lend our experience on how to hire an SEO company, plus we’ll recommend the best SEO companies in Milton Keynes to help you attract a larger target audience online.

A list of top SEO Companies for hire in Milton Keynes

ProviderDescriptionServicesZIP / Postal Code
Encode MK

Defined as a full-service IT agency, Encode MK specialises in custom-coded projects - hence the name.

Their skillset leans heavily toward software development. Choosing projects that fetch a higher price tag than most for the bespoke nature of the end product, Encode MK tailor-make online marketing solutions.

Their array of SEO services include: Local SEO, penalty recovery, retargeting and PPC consultancy.

The agency began in 2013. The first client through the gate was WorkDeskPro a media-rich app for tradesmen. And shortly after that success, they scored heaps of new web design and SEO projects.

The current day sees Encode in the position of having a competitive advantage amongst its peers. Bespoke software solutions will always be in demand and this is a development house that has been going from strength to strength.

SEO Friendly Web Design
Web Development
Mobile & Responsive Design
Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Local SEO
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Custom Software
Bespoke Development
Mobile App Development

  • SEO
  • SEO Friendly Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Custom Software
  • Bespoke Mobile Development
Global Exposure

One of the youngest and most dynamic SEO agencies on the scene. Led by online marketing maverick Reece Hussain (who cut his teeth coding basic websites in 2010), this youthful band of internet marketing experts are making huge waves in their professional space.

To date, they have already taken over 200 businesses to higher heights on Google.

Over 50 reviews on Google My Business averaging 4.9 stars - Global Exposure are setting new SEO and web design standards for the self-employed, small man and entrepreneurs of the UK economy.

  • Web
  • SEO
  • Shopify

The original brand builders of MK's digital marketing trade. TFA effortlessly makes businesses look great on screen. And they have a very impressive portfolio too.

Companies from industries as diverse as luxury tailoring to aviation services source their brand-boosting lift-off from TFA.

Founded in 2009 by an independent digital marketing consultant and journeyman who through some 12 years in the digital trenches gleaned enough insight, skill and confidence to go agency.

Today, they're one of the most respected SEO agencies in the city and known by many for driving business online.

  • Brand
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Advertising
  • Web
  • Digital
  • Video
MK12 5FJ

A full-service digital agency with an accomplished global client portfolio, yet based in MK.

Full of all the leading industry subscriptions including Ahrefs and SEM Rush - FULLTIME.digital mean business and can compete with the best SEO agencies in the city.

The brains behind the Shenley Brook End Council Parish website, FULLTIME.digital have competently carved out a solid local reputation.

Specialising in WordPress and WebFlow CMS projects, they have ample smarts and the experience to take your small business to the next level online.

  • SEO
  • Web Design

The story of two digital marketing consultants who met at a MozCon, joined forces and launched a now juggernaut into the business SEO market.

Years later with 50 staff headcount, a comprehensive array of digital marketing services and a slew of success stories including adding $50M to the bottom line of a business brokerage...

...you'll struggle to find a stronger internet marketing and SEO partner than Aira for your Milton Keynes business.

  • SEO
  • Paid Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Account-Based Marketing
Red Giraffe

Red Giraffe started out trying to buck the trend of overpriced online marketing services that were out of the reach of the average SME.

The founder, Joe Gilbert (with an MSc. in International Marketing) embarked on a mission to correct the wrongs of the internet marketing trade.

And there are no me-too, cookie-cutter templates in the Red Giraffe portfolio. All sites are totally unique to the vision and strategy of the client.

Red Giraffe looks after each campaign with the same diligence as their own...and by the way, they appear #1 on Google for 'SEO Milton Keynes'.

They serve both B2B & B2C clientele and have established experience competing on a local, regional, national and international level.

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • PPC
MK14 6GD
ProviderDescriptionServicesZIP / Postal Code

How to hire an SEO Company in Milton Keynes

Benefits of using SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which websites are improved over time to gain greater visibility in Google, Bing & other search engines to attract people when they’re looking to buy what you sell, or doing research.

This means SEO costs nothing, but your own time to implement. Mostly examining the content on websites that appear higher up in the searches and then publishing content that answers your audience’s questions better.

SEO graphic
(Source: Google Revamps its SEO Starter Guide: Here’s What’s New – Search Engine Journal)

With SEO it is:

  • Free to attract organic search enquirers to your website
  • Possible to generate sales leads affordably
  • Simple to demonstrate trustworthiness and expertise – raising your business’ credibility
  • Easy to get quantifiable results cause your business to grow

However, getting results with SEO takes constant improvement and patience to bear fruit.

How do you hire an SEO Company?

The following 7 steps will help you successfully hire an SEO company:

  1. Assess your customer base for optimal profit: Audiense – defining your target audience
  2. Write a business development plan & budget: Monday.com – business development plan template
  3. Perform buyer profiling: Content Marketing Institute – Buyer Profiling
  4. Research an SEO company with relevant niche experience: Common Ground – Assess SEO Performance
  5. Submit a request for proposal (rfp): Resignal – What makes SEO RFP great
  6. Assess proposals: Ahrefs – Websites that tried to fool Google
  7. Appoint an SEO company to lead your project: Ahrefs – The Ultimate SEO Contract Template

What to include in an SEO Company agreement?

If it’s your first time hiring an SEO company, then you’ll need a little help pinning down the core competencies and identifying deliverables.

Here’s an outline SEO company agreement for the average small business project:

Pricing, fees and duration: quantify the compensation and the overall time to get results e.g. timings of payments, termination clause etc.

Non-disclosure (NDA): explicit instruction of how client-sensitive information should be handled e.g. revenue figures, customer base etc.

Accountability: who’s responsible for doing what? = e.g. changes to website, content writing etc.

(Source: Backlinko SEO Proposal)

How much does it cost to hire an SEO Specialist in Milton Keynes?

  • The average Milton Keynes hourly rate for an SEO specialist is £20.01 per hour.
  • The average day rate for hiring an SEO specialist is £203 per day.
  • The average annual salary for an SEO specialist is £36,186 per year.

(Data source: Indeed.com)

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