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Are you looking for reliable managed service provider (MSP) services for your Milton Keynes business?

Putting the complexity of your IT network into capable hands can result in noticeable upside for your business fortunes.

Preemptive wisdom, preventative care and wittily developed solutions all add real bottom line value.

With the right Managed Service Provider you can:

✅ save more time

✅ save more money

✅ grow bigger

✅ get more done

✅ learn critical lessons

And all without the headache of having to employ, retain and manage additional internal IT resource.

Tap into the expertise of our trained consultants to point you in the right direction of the best managed service provider (MSP) in Milton Keynes for your business.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider or MSP is an expert IT delivery partner to your small business saving you the hassle of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

MSPs are delivery specialists who traditionally had an infrastructure focus. But today have a far more diverse role providing generalist cover.

Hardware, software, peripherals – all have found their way into the MSP arsenal.

By nature MSPs are service fanatics. Their value proposition is: “We help you do the stuff with your IT that adds undoubted ROI, but at a cost and level of commitment you can afford.”

To the right kind of business the involvement of an MSP helps them leverage key strategic achievements that wouldn’t be possible any other way.

The alternatives of DIY or ‘do nothing’ are unthinkables. And an MSP is the perfect go-between.

MSPs can either think for you pro-active, or follow orders maintain.

But wither way, they fill in a much needed technological gap that allows your business to function optimally.

What does an MSP do exactly?

In a nutshell, MSPs provide continued service delivery monitoring, maintaining and developing your IT infrastructure.

And this is either done onsite, remotely (i.e. at the MSP data centre), or even on a 3rd party provider’s site.

Typical services include:

  • Tech support
  • Server monitoring and management
  • Cyber security
  • User access
  • Risk management
  • Payroll

What tools does an MSP use to deliver its service?

That depends on policy. But things can only fall one of 3 ways:

  • Proprietary:  their own in-house solutions only
  • Pure play: focus on one vendor solution only
  • Mixture: both in-house and vendor solutions

What type of business benefits most from hiring a Managed Service Provider?

MSPs work on the basis of complexity vs. economies of scale.

In other words, businesses like:

  • logistics companies
  • manufacturing plants
  • warehousing
  • transportation
  • distributed community based services

…all have a heavy IT dependence and without a solid foundation of business continuity they’d run into serious problems.

By leveraging off the investment that an MSP has already made in subscription services (sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of pounds bracket), an SME can economise on the right solution provided without prohibitive cost.

By investing in an MSP your business can benefit from:

  • direct cost savings
  • greater operational efficiency
  • acquisition of knowledge and expertise
  • ability to scale quickly
  • knowledge of trends

…and more.

Have hiring limitations? MSPs help you ship in requisite talent, even whilst recruitment prospects have dried up.

How does billing work with an MSP?

If you’ve never worked with an MSP before, you’ll need to distinguish the difference between them and consultants.

Consultants you pay per hour for agreed work.

MSPs you pay by subscription for them to take on your IT service and manage it as if it was their own.

Key recommendations for working with a Managed Service Provider

  1. Commissioning the right provider: Mapping out exactly what you require and the performance level| ability.
  2. Have an iron clad SLA: You’ll need some internal IT project management experience to devise and manage the SLA successfully.
  3. Transparency: Always preempt mitigating the risk of losing proprietary data, or digital asset value if you decide to cancel your contract.

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