Where Is The iZettle Card Reader £19? (Promotional FAQs)

Are you looking for the iZettle £19.00 discounted price offer?

This quick guide will lead you to where you can buy the iZettle (now, Zettle 2 card reader) at the cheapest price:

What is the current recommended retail price for the Zettle 2?iZettle Card Reader

The Zettle 2 card reader (formerly iZetlle), is now offered at £29.00 (introductory price) for new customers. This is currently the cheapest price for the card reader from any vendor.

Is the iZettle 19 deal still on?

It used to be that you could get the iZettle for as little as £19.00 if you were a 1st time buyer.

The deal is no longer available. However, if you’re new to Zettle, £29.00 is still a very upfront affordable price.

Is Zettle worth buying at £29.00?

With transaction rates at 1.75%, the Zettle has very competitive ongoing costs (to estimate your exact how much you would spend on iZettle fees within any time period – use this Zettle fee calculator). The cheapest card machine, SumUp, beats Zettle for transaction fee only by 0.06% (at 1.69% per transaction).

Against with SumUp (at £39.00), the Zettle 2 card reader carries a cheaper upfront machine cost – saving you £10.00 on purchase.

Where can I buy the Zettle 2 card reader?

Buy the Zettle 2 by clicking the button below:

We hope you found this quick update on the iZettle card reader 19 deal informative, you may also benefit from reading best card machine for Milton Keynes.

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