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Are you looking for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant for your Milton Keynes business?

Managing your inputs, outputs, processes and customer accounts are perhaps the most data intensive operational activities that your business faces.

Being caught on your heels with a static legacy system that relegates your responsiveness to the snail mail category will only limit your commercial vision.

Inject some dynamism into your data management gaining insight, agility, simplicity and profitability by upgrading your end-to-end data management with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Finding the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant will help you:

✅ upgrade your static, legacy ERP and CRM to a future-proof 365 solution

✅ migrate and unite your data resources in the cloud

✅ innovate routes to improved business performance

✅ combine Microsoft business apps to take your data intelligence to the next level

✅ simplify, optimise, maximise – do more with less

✅ see round corners strategically and elevate your managerial visibility

A leading Microsoft Dynamics 265 partner is able to take the stress out of cloud migration or optimisation and prepare you business for better results, at an affordable price.

The right Dynamics partner will left your head to see your new possibilities and will also help you establish a feasible roadmap for achieving your commercial goals.

So, engaging a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant can help you implement a customised, advanced ERP and CRM solution, upgrade your as-is situation and support your team in delivering best ROI.

Reach out to our in-house consultants to get recommendation on the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy in Milton Keynes for your business.

What is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy?

A Dynamics 365 consultant will help your business leverage the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 by:

  1. digital transformation strategy
  2. cloud migration
  3. implementation
  4. upgrade
  5. development
  6. integration
  7. support

A Dynamics 365 consultant gives your business instant expert handling of the leading ERP and CRM solution to small businesses.

They consult with you on where you are currently, where you’d like to be and then they take you there.

Not only are these consultants specialists in innovating your business processes with Dynamics 365, but as Microsoft Partners they also give you access to advantageous pricing for the product.

So, by providing best fit solutions and at an affordable cost they optimise your cloud capabilities for engineering a better business.

What does a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant do exactly?

The expertise of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant is a gateway to your business experiencing the transformational benefits of the platform features, namely:

  • Business Central 
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Engagement
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Commerce
  • Project Operations
  • Marketing
  • HR

Plus, Power Suite:

  • Power BI
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents

Business Central

Your digital transformational hub – where all your 365 apps are tethered, inputs analysed and the results presented in a readily digestible format for your team.

Business Central is the sum of the parts.


Enterprise grade ERP with all the financial management bells and whistles that you can imagine for keeping your business’s monetary handling several steps ahead of the curve.

Track, monitor, predict and manage your financial happenings in real-time, gathering up all data end-points, giving your business maximum foresight for profit.

Supply Chain

The perfect tool for providing the operational visibility and managerial oversight for taking your supply chain processes to the next level of efficiency.

Simplify routines, add thrust to overcome stagnancy and deliver with greater ease with this digitally enabling platform.


The ideal digital toolkit for mastering the customer engagement process. This app helps you get a single view on your entire sales function and bring to surface customer insights that help you initiate profitable account-related actions more readily.

Customer Service

Empower your workforce with omnichannel digital solutions that improve efficiency and simplify communications. This app makes it easier for your customers to be supported throughout their journey of engagement with your business.

Field Service

Direct, coordinate and monitor your entire field operation continuously with real-time assistance to help them tackle obstacles, scale efforts and collaborate beyond limitation.


Bring digital strategy to the fore within your ecommerce venture through solutions that unify and drive your commercial agenda using a most effective toolkit.

Project Operations

Put your project vitals continually at the fingertips of your core team members keeping the conversation poised at the cutting edge of activity on the ground, in real-time.


Get an expert handle on driving your customer journey to a profitable end with an optimised nurturing programme that produces just the right nudges at the right times.


Expertly manage your end-to-end employee lifecycle with solutions that add managerial savvy and nuance to your attraction, onboarding and retention of talent.

Power BI

Bring your business’s data into full view with insightful summaries that open up understanding on otherwise deeply disguised data points. Power BI upgrades your executive vision and decision-making 10x.

Power Apps

Deploy digital business apps to suit any occasion and for any function with ease using this low-code builder. Supercharge your application set-up and leverage mobile smarts with little effort.

Power Automate

Automate your workflows infinitely. No macros, no code – simply connect the dots at a whim, making light of otherwise convoluted development processes. Lower the bar to advanced automations, the only prerequisite being your creativity.

Power Virtual Agents

Take the interactive self-serve environment to the next level with AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents. Implement this easily and effectively without any coding knowledge – tasking multidisciplinary team members to pitch in collaboratively to add intel to your bot buddies.

What does a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy include?

The typical Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy package includes:

  • strategic planning
  • implementation
  • upgrade
  • support

In a word: flexible.

From hands-off consultancy to turnkey. The right Dynamics 365 consultant is able to slot in wherever necessary, discerning the need of your organisation and fulfil the desired value added service, custom-made to requirement.

Whether you are an existing Dynamics 365 user, or wanting to migrate to cloud from a standalone ERP or CRM – the right Dynamics 365 partner will fill the gap perfectly.

What business benefits does a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant offer?

They bridge the gap.

Where your business might have liked the idea of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 could do for you (but lacked the know-how), a certified MS Dynamics 365 partner flattens the learning curve – in fact, they make it a decline.

A Dynamics 365 consultant will make it feasible for your business to gain the following, affordably:

  • High-end process definition: get granular control over the business process engineering and digital enablement with highly customised business applications that make working life easier
  • Digitally optimise workflows: equip your staff with intuitive workflow applications that support their operational contributions with optimal efficiency and effectiveness
  • Unearth (otherwise buried) growth potential: make it possible to do the things that were out of reach leveraging the best of Microsoft’s latest enterprise resource planning and customer engagement platform

Next steps for hiring the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultancy for your small business

  1. Document your current ERP and CRM practices: make it easy for your consultants to gather what you currently do with ERP and CRM.
  2. Describe the current shortfalls and pain points: articulate what your current platforms don’t do and how these issues hinder your team, also consequently pinpointing what might be the ideal.
  3.  RFP and hire: submit a request for proposal from your shortlisted consultant and then after pricing disclosure, negotiate and agree a collaborative engagement.

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