6 Best WooCommerce Developers for Hire in Milton Keynes (2023)

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A Woocommerce web developer can affordably convert your WordPress website into a fully-loaded eCommerce online shop using the free Woocommerce plugin (and its wide range of extensions).

In this guide, we’ll give our expert advice on how to hire a WooCommerce web developer and also recommend the best WooCommerce developers in Milton Keynes to support your web project.

A list of top WooCommerce developers for hire in Milton Keynes

ProviderDescriptionServicesZIP / Postal Code
So Technology

An award-winning design and digital marketing company delivering results online for small businesses since 2007, using: WooCommerce and more...

  • WooCommerce web design
  • ecommerce SEO / PPC
MK43 0BT
WSA The Communications Agency

Managed by Jerry Taylor - founded in 2005 - WSA is a digital marketing agency employing over 30 staff members. Members of the local MK business community, but serve clients near or far including: The Perfumery at Lymington, SIG Roofing PLC and Cambridge Regional College.

  • WooCommerce web design
  • WooCommerce store integration

Started web design in the 1990's as an independent web designer who later specialised in WordPress sites. His projects include: an OS commerce store for a local record shop, a WooCommerce site for Refined Lighting with 10,000 products and local area landscaping business SEO lead generation site.

  • Custom WooCommerce site design
  • WooCommerce site integration
  • WooCommerce site hosting
Arena DM

Started by Jon Odley in 2012 (11 years ago), Arena DM is a WordPress specialist digital marketing outfit. Jon's expertise also touches on eCommerce lending his skills to both Magento and Woocommerce-related projects.

  • Woocomerce web development
  • Woocommerce SEO
  • Woocommerce store optimisation
MK10 9BH
Adam Mould

A one-time web hobbyist turn professional developer - Adam has gone on to manage development teams on complex business projects. Adam is an ex-developer on large scale agile deployment for prestigious e-commerce businesses: Office Depot, Viking Direct. Adam has also worked with Milton Keynes College.

  • New Woocommerce website design
  • Woocommerce migration
  • Woocommerce store optimisation
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Order management
  • Responsive store design
Alan Ashby

Freelnace provider: Graphic Design BA (Hons) Degree. 9 years front-end Woocomemrce development experience. Specialising in bespoke Woocommerce websites. Serves businesses nationwide.

  • Bespoke
  • Responsive
  • From concept to implementation
MK15 9AF
ProviderDescriptionServicesZIP / Postal Code

How to hire a WooCommerce developer in Milton Keynes

Benefits of using WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the #1 open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress (the world’s most popular content management system, used by 43.7% of all websites).

This means WooCommerce is free to use as a standalone plugin in its most basic form, which is perfectly adequate for running a relatively simple online shop.

With WooCommerce it is:

  • Simple to set up a fully functional eCommerce online store
  • Possible to get selling online with minimal hassle – in only a few hours
  • Quick to advance your skills using the thousands of quality WooCommerce learning resources online, like WP101 video tutorials
  • Easy to find local web developers offering WooCommerce development services
  • Affordable to launch an online eCommerce shop

Going beyond the default functions of WooCommerce does require add-on plugins.

These are either free or premium (paid).

But it’s only really worth troubling yourself to extend the basic functions when your project grows in complexity and the potential reward warrants the time and/or cost investment.

How do you hire a WooCommerce developer?

We recommend the following 7 steps for successfully hiring a WooCommerce web developer:

  1. Write an eCommerce business plan: Template by Hubspot
  2. Read the Google SEO best practice guidelines: Official Google guidelines
  3. Examine some eCommerce case studies: WooCommerce Showcase
  4. Browse some WooCommerce testimonials: WooCommerce Success Stories
  5. Put together a request for proposal (rfp): WooCommerce RfP example
  6. Establish a budget: How much does a WooCommerce site cost to run?

What to include in a WooCommerce developer job description?

If you’ve never commissioned a WooCommerce web project before, you’ll naturally need help identifying what skill level is needed to deliver your desired results.

Here’s a quick WooCommerce job description for a typical project:

Main deliverable: what needs to be done in a few words e.g. set up a new WooCommerce web store.

Constraints: scope = overall description of the work that needs to be done, time = time allowance given to complete the work, industrial context = how your industrial focus affects what’s needed, budget = money available to commission a developer.

Prerequisites: experience = e.g. 5 years WooCommerce development, add-on experience, specialist web skill e.g. conversion rate optimisation, add-on development, API integration etc.

How much does it cost to hire a WooCommerce developer in Milton Keynes?

  • The average Milton Keynes hourly rate for WooCommerce/WordPress web development is £24.89  per hour.
  • The average day rate for WooCommerce/WordPress web development is £256 per day.
  • The average annual salary for a WooCommerce/WordPress web developer is £36,186 per year.

(Data source: Indeed.com)

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