How is EPoS used by front of office staff? (With Examples)

Thinking about investing in a new EPoS system for your front of office staff?

Front of office staff are your most visible, called upon and arguably ‘most influential’ agents in the battle for customer delight.

Qualities such as:

  • Sharpness
  • Product and service knowledge
  • Empowerment to act
  • Speed of delivery
  • Memory

…all contribute to the overall achievement of customers that are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Equipping your front of office with the best tools for the job only further gives them the edge for remaining witty and primed for duty.

And being the point of sale for your business – the more your front of office team members thrive, the greater your conversion of revenue opportunities and the higher your profits.

Here are some examples on how an EPoS system can be used by your front of office for best results:

Calculate customer bill and take payment – at the table

There’s simply nothing neater than taking care of business at the customer’s table.

Quick, easy and friction-free.

Not only does this help customers keep a tight itinerary, but keeps tables turning over.

A PDQ machine is the perfect answer here – which is a hand held device used  by waiting staff to handle number crunching and card swiping within a trip to the till.

However, exercise discretion. Customers settling a bill within a group setting may want the opportunity to pay ‘away from the table’ to avoid obliging others in the party.

Use with caution. Get quotes for EPoS with PDQ machine to make table orders possible. 

Order progress updates from kitchen staff

in the hospitality trade a simple reality is the gaping wide void between waiting staff and the kitchen crew. Servers are on the restaurant floor, whereas chefs and cooks are behind closed doors.

At times of high pressure this can work against the team effort and lead to dropped points in customer service. There are several ways to overcome this.

Mostly, improving lines of communication between teams.

Additionally, to training improvements, your EPoS system can be used to update front of house staff with real-time notifications of when orders are ready for collection and serving.

This improves operational efficiency, saving cost and increasing customer satisfaction. Get quotes for EPoS with kitchen communication updates.

Special requests

Guests at times ask for some off-menu amendments to their orders and this can leave waiting staff in a tight spot.

The special request usually is kept in mind for the next visit to the kitchen where the customer’s request is assessed by the chef.

This might take 5 minutes depending on how busy the restaurant floor is and worse still might even get forgotten.

To save blushes a special request from a customer can be communicated via a mobile EPoS terminal to the kitchen immediately, with a response alert delivered to the terminal within a minute closing the gap to perhaps seconds if not minutes. Get quotes for EPoS mobile terminals.

Who took that order?!

The front of house function is a team sport.

Every one pitches in for one another and picks up for each other’s drops, slips and mistakes.

This includes at times, waiting staff taking orders from guests within a colleague’s section of the floor when their team member is swamped.

However, it’s great for team morale that those who pick up the pieces can be identified – and this is what a mobile EPoS terminal can do for you. Helps waiters see who have taken orders.

Perhaps a quick de-brief with the assisting team mate could give peace of mind on what was actually delivered, if the customer requested anything else, or perhaps on feedback on the customer’s reaction etc. Get quotes for EPoS mobile terminals.

Split billing

A common occurrence with group orders.

And nothing more frustrating for a waiter if they have to manually slalom their way through a convoluted series of purchases, exercising mental arithmetic rather than software smarts.

A simple split billing function at the point of sale saves time, blushes and makes room for a more cordial farewell between waiter and customers. Get EPoS quotes for EPoS software with split billing function.

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