How much does an EPoS system cost in 2023?

Do you want to estimate the cost of an EPoS system for your small business?

We interviewed sales teams from the most prominent UK EPoS providers. Here’s what our research uncovered:

The cost of an EPoS system mostly depends on three simple factors:

  1. type of trade i.e. restaurant with front of house staff, or convenience store, for example
  2. scale & complexity of operations i.e. how many tills or hand held terminals will be required
  3. how you prefer to pay i.e. outright, or on credit (with upfront payment, or not)

Only then will you know the scale and complexity of the solution and therefore, what the cost will be.

In today’s market, there is an EPoS solution and pricing to suit all budgets.

  • For tight budgets: you might choose a FREE EPoS software that runs off your iPad.
  • For larger budgets and investment ability: look to pay between *£399 upfront (with monthly payments) to £2,000+ (paid outright) for more advanced features, premium hardware and customisations.

(Note: *some vendors offer EPoS system deals for £0 upfront. These are loan arrangements that your business must be creditworthy to qualify for. If approved, you’re locked into a contract with monthly repayments.)


In this article, we will provide a breakdown answering “How much does an EPoS system cost?” with real life example price quotes gathered from in-depth market research with leading providers.

Average EPoS system price

Here’s a breakdown of the average cost (+ VAT) of a small business EPoS system in today’s market:

  • Software alone: £0 – £250
  • Core system: £0 – £545 (upfront, but on finance with repayments) / £1,200+ (outright)
  • Finance repayments: £0 – £99 per month
  • Advanced features: £10 – 100 per month
  • Special additional hardware: £279 – £2,000
  • Additional terminals: £250 – £950
  • Payment terminals: £29 – £300
  • Peripherals: £120 – £500

To add a bit of context to the price ranges above – here’s what we found when we conducted our market research:

  1. If you want some software to have a go with and try out: FREE software like Loyverse, Toast or EPoS Hybrid are available. Some for 1 terminal, other vendors not restricting terminals – with various value added upsells on the basic software.
  2. If you want a starter EPoS system with generic hardware on credit: in most cases you can walk away with a complete system for £0 upfront.
  3. If you want an iPad or Android tablet instead of the regular ‘grey box’ system: then be prepared to pay up to £600 upfront.
  4. Generally, for monthly hardware & software subscription fees inc. back office reporting: you must pay a monthly somewhere between £35 – £80 per month.
  5. For advanced software features like 3rd-party integrations and multiple locations: you could be paying up to £100 per month in addition to subscription fees.
  6. If you run a busy restaurant and want Kitchen Display System (KDS) to keep chefs in the loop: you pay around £300 for the terminal and about £20 per month for the software licence.
  7. Want additional till terminals?: you should expect to negotiate up to 30% off subsequent machines.


EPoS system price guide and examples

The standard core EPoS system, regardless or provider, comes with: touch screen, software (till and back office), drawer, receipt printer.

Plus, the deal should include: 24/7 support, installation, training, basic configuration and menu/product upload.

There are generally 2 ways to go about buying an EPoS system:

  • build your own 
  • get the bundle

Build your own: pros

  • pick and choose from a much wider range of components
  • shop around for the best prices on each item
  • can even look for second hand equipment, on eBay etc.

Build your own: cons

  • spend more time fishing around for deals
  • if you’re inexperienced you might find the ‘hunt’ for equipment too challenging
  • you do need some technical knowledge to put it all together
  • you have many service and support arrangements to manage if you source from multiple vendors
  • staggered lead times for delivery and installation


Bundle: pros

  • single easy price and purchase
  • every laid on for you, white glove hospitality (nothing missing)
  • zero-hassle, done-for-you

Bundle: cons

  • one provider only – miss out on competitive advantages offered by alternative vendor offers
  • might pay a little more over all
  • bland performance, nothing advanced
  • if you have technical knowledge, you might miss out on some premium perks if you’d gone it alone

In short, we conclude that once you know what you’re looking for and have experience of buying in the EPoS market, then build your own system. Otherwise, as a beginner, go with a bundle package.

(But shop around!)

Here are some real life examples of EPoS deals that we found during our market research (all systems include the same components: touch screen till terminal, cash drawer, receipt printer, software):

a. Build your own EPoS system

Barcode Warehouse

With over 35 years experience in supplying barcode and retail based technology kit to trade, Barcode Warehouse currently has quite a comprehensive range of EPoS equipment.

Here’s an example complete EPoS system, if you were looking to build your own from their off-the-shelf pricing:

Sunmi T2-Lite Touchscreen Computer: £346.74

PartnerTech 5E-415 Cash Drawer: £56.99

Star Micronics mC-Print3 MCP31L Receipt Printer: £232.74

MyTill Software: £12.50

Total price to build your own simple EPoS system with Barcode Warehouse = £648.97

b. ‘Done-For-You’ complete core system (bundle price)

EPoS Direct

EPoS Direct have over 20 years in the industry, 23 countries served and 100,000 customers.

They have a starter bundle for outright purchase £1,199.00 (+VAT) called ED-19 Pro.

There’s a finance option to pay £299.75 (+VAT) upfront followed by 3 equal instalments of £359.70 (+VAT) over 3 months = £1,378.85 (+VAT) in total (you’ll be paying £179.85 more if taken on finance).

EPoS Now

EPoS Now has 12 years trading history and over 30,000 licenses sold and global sales reach.

For their bundle deal they charge you upfront £399 (+VAT) for the hardware and remainder on finance £39 (+VAT) over 36 months on contract = £1,803.00 (+VAT) in total

Or, if you are a LTD company you can qualify for paying £74 monthly over 24 months on contract (with no upfront cost) = £1,776.00 (+VAT) in total

EPoS Hybrid

Edinburgh-based EPoS Hybrid also serve a global clientbase and have award winning solutions targeting the hospitality sector.

Their EPoS Pro hospitality bundle costs you £399 (+VAT) outright with no recurring fees because the software is their free version limited to 1 terminal only and 300 orders per month from the 3rd month onwards.

From then on, if you want to add one more terminal you pay *£34 (+VAT) per month, ongoing. For 3-4 terminals you pay *£55 (+VAT) per month, recurring. And for unlimited terminals you pay *£75 (+VAT)  per month, ongoing. (*These higher packages have unlimited orders).

EPoS Cost Comparison table


EPoS Direct

EPoS Now

EPoS Hybrid

What you get...

Upfront cost with finance

£299.75 (+VAT)

£399.00 (+VAT)


Monthly charges only with finance

£359.70 (+VAT) per month [for 3 months]

£39.00 (+VAT) per month [for 36 months] or £74.00 (+VAT) [for 24 months] if Ltd. company

£34.00 (+VAT) per month [for 1 terminal] or £55.00 (+VAT) per month [for 3-4 terminals] or £75.00 (+VAT) per month [for unlimited terminals]

Outright purchase

£1,199.00 (+VAT)

£1,776.00 - £1,803.00



Advanced features

Sometimes beyond just having a core EPoS system, your business may need additional features that make the system a better fit for how you run things.

For example, as standard, a starter bundle EPoS system will be restricted for use at one location. But if your business runs over multiple locations, like a cafe chain, you’ll need an advanced licence.

In such cases, when you need your EPoS to do a little more than the usual check in with your preferred provider for advanced features, add-ons or integrations.

To illustrate the point, here’s a list of some advanced features offered by two of the leading EPoS providers:

EPoS Hybrid

The following advanced features are available ONLY to subscribers paying between £34 (+VAT) to £75 (+VAT) per month.

Stock management
  • item and ingredient stock level management
  • out of stock notifications
  • auto P.O. (purchase order) notifications
Delivery management
  • GPS driver tracking
  • delivery directions
  • driver commissions
Staff management
  • rota builder
  • shift tracking
  • time sheet
Table management
  • online booking
  • drag-and-drop floorplan builder
  • kitchen display system (+ £299)
  • loyalty and gift vouchers
Marketing suite
  • email marketing
  • push notifications
  • SMS broadcasts
  • caller ID for business phone and previous order history (+ £79)
Self-service checkout
  • self-service for smaller venues (+ £699)
  • self-serve for larger venues (+ £1,399)
Multi-location management
  • online ordering
  • on-site management
Advanced business management reporting

Dashboarding etc.

  • Xero accounting
  • JustEats, Deliveroo, UbetEats via Deliverect
  • Dojo
  • WorldPay
  • EVO
  • SumUp

EPoS Now

The following integrations and add-ons are sold separately, prices are published below:

  • Online ordering: £10 plus vat per month with a transaction fee of 1.75% and 10p per order
  • Kitchen display system: £279 plus vat hardware and £19 plus vat per month or you can provide your own hardware
  • Loyalty programme: £25 plus vat per month for the app
  • QR code ordering: £10 plus vat per month, 1.75% and 10p fees
  • Xero accounting: £25 plus vat per month and £15 plus vat per month for each additional location
  • WorldPay: (£0 integration)
  • Payment Sense:  (£0 integration)
  • RMS card machines (£0 integration)

How best to negotiate the lowest price for your EPoS system

There are 8 steps to negotiating cheaper pricing on your EPoS purchase:

1. Do your homework

Scout extensively online for providers. EPoS solutions providers come in various guises:

Each category of provider has it’s own typical way of doing things regards pricing, offers granted and technology used.

Get used to the general rules of the trade and familiarise yourself with how they communicate.

For example, SaaS EPoS providers and some traditional local and regional resellers do not typically publish pricing, but rather invite you to raise a quote.

Whilst frustrating, there’s no way around it but by requesting a quote via the website or email.

Of course, this is a sales tactic to get you talking to a rep as early on as possible, but keep to written correspondence if you still making up your mind on what you want.

This way you don’t put pressure on yourself and make hasty commitments.

Know exactly what you need & what they want

Once you’ve done your foundation work on researching what’s on offer, begin to build a case for the ideal system.

Consider all the core functioning, add-ons, optional extras and hardware you might need.

Read case studies, scan forums like Reddit and interview other businesses.

Also, examine the provider’s business model and read the cues of what they want you to do.

Keeping abreast of the providers motives will put you in good stead for reasoning out a successfully negotiated best value deal.

Don’t talk to sales too early

Talking to sales should always be done once you’re sure about what you want from them.

Sales reps are savvy negotiators and incentivised to get best value for their employers.

Therefore, only engage sales reps when you have a clear agenda that you want them to work out for you.

Get strategic.

Be meticulous with detail and leave no room for rebuttal. Get them to use their discretionary leeway and even ask for special managerial consideration where appropriate.

Run comparisons and scenarios

Write out side-by-side cost comparisons on paper between providers and also against deals from the same provider too.

Figure out all the ins and outs of every possible outcome.

Think through all the steps and make sure you master weighing up the best investment for your business.

Account for growth

Successful businesses grow.

This will affect your EPoS solution. More terminals, more advanced features – such changes in your business will impact on your pricing.

Make sure you forecast future growth within your financial planning.

Think value, not necessarily lower price

Don’t always think about getting money off the deal.

In most cases, it’s easier for sales reps to authorise premium add-ons at lower cost or no cost than to take money off the principal price tag.

Work with your rep to increase your overall return on investment.

Ask for the deal

Once you see a clear opening to negotiate, don’t be afraid to ask.

But remember, negotiation is a game of give and take. Sales reps want the business, but must maintain their employer’s margin in the deal.

Look at the dynamics within the sale:

  • money paid upfront
  • contract duration
  • installments
  • licence limitations
  • hardware options
  • price

Think innovative thoughts. Ask, ‘How can I make this work for me AND my rep at the same time?’

Also, a courteous manner goes a long way to get the rep onside.

Make sure installation, support, training and warranty are inclusive

The basic rudiments of customers service should be included – but just make sure:

  • installation
  • resources
  • support
  • training
  • warranty

Every vendor should include the white glove service within the price quoted. It’s generally accepted a courtesy as you’ve made a significant investment and they should honour that with laying down the red carpet. You should get the VIP treatment – however much you pay.

It’s a once only delivery for them too. Insist on them working for their money.

Compare provider quotes

Gathering prices from as many vendors as possible is the bedrock of your market research.

Combined with the T’s and C’s, pricing gives you the means to compare  like-for-like value between providers.

By this you can assess which offers are likely to be best for your business.

That being said, administrating quotes with multiple vendors can become time consuming and complicated.

The solution?

Click the button below and have our team put you in contact with local providers ready to quote you for your EPoS solution.


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